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Support Line
1800 140 244
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Wexford Cycle FAQs

How long is the Wexford Cycle?

For the Wexford Cycle we will be providing two distance options, 135 km or 100km from UCD to Whites of Wexford Hotel. For the 100km option, you will be collected at the lunch stop and dropped off approx. 15km before the finish so you can finish the cycle with all cyclists.

How long does it take?

This depends on the fitness of each individual cyclist and the distance option you choose. The majority of cyclists take between 6 and 7 ½ hours. Casual cyclists take longer as they tend to stop at our food/drink stops along the route and for a longer time at our official lunch stop.

Is the Wexford Cycle a race?

No, absolutely not. It is a fundraising charity cycle, at your own pace.

What time does it start?

07.30am SHARP.

Do I need to register?

Yes registration is required for all cyclists wishing to participate.

How do I register for the Cycle?

Please register online for the Wexford Cycle on our Events page or for groups of 5 or more, contact us at +353 (0)1 823 0776 or email

How much sponsorship money do I need to raise?

We ask all cyclists to raise €250 in addition to your registration fee of €80 which is non-refundable. Over the last five years, the average raised per cyclist is €650!

Are there any sponsorship discounts for students, under 21s etc?

Yes, there are. The committee asks that students, under 23s & unemployed raise a total of €125 in addition to the Registration Fee; a 50% reduction on the request of other cyclists.

Can I get sponsorship card?

Yes. Once you have registered please email and request a sponsorship card to be sent out to you.

Can I raise sponsorship money online?

Yes, definitely.

  • You can create your own fundraising page on and/or You can then share your fundraising page with friends, family and colleagues on your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage them to sponsor you. Your supporters can donate securely online, from anywhere around the world, and as funds are transferred to Peter McVerry Trust each month, you don’t have to worry about collecting cash.
  • We would encourage you to like, share and/or retweet the posts on Peter McVerry Trust social media feeds – we run a specific social media campaign in conjunction with the cycle, so keep an eye out.
  • Donations can also be made on our website. We would ask that if someone is sponsoring you by making a donation through our website that they reference your name and “Wexford Cycle Sponsorship” so we can track the donation easily.

What about sponsorship cheques?

All cheques should be made payable to Peter McVerry Trust.

Are there any age restrictions?

You must be over 16 years old and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied throughout the cycle by an adult.

What about if I get asked can a friend or work colleague do the cycle too?

YES! Everyone is welcome to participate! We want as many cyclists as possible on the day so please encourage your friends and work colleagues to sign up. For groups of 5 or more, please get in touch with us by calling +353 (0)1 823 0776 or email us at

If a friend or colleague doesn’t want to cycle, we have plenty of opportunities to help in the days before the cycle as well as on the day with marshalling, the lunch and various support stops, as well as at the start and finish.

What route does the Wexford Cycle take?

You can view the Route Map of the 135km option here.

Do I need to train?

Yes, training and preparing for the Wexford Cycle is advised. There are good cycle routes across the country for training purposes. You should train when you can to build up your distances during the summer. It is better to cycle with others from an enjoyment and safety perspective.

If you are cycling the traditional route on the 18th September, we advise you cycle some of the route as part of your training.

What about equipment?

Wearing a helmet on the day of the Wexford Cycle is compulsory. You will not be permitted to take part in the event without a helmet. The better your bike, the easier the cycling. Make sure it is properly serviced and roadworthy before September 18th.

Cycling shorts are a must (for obvious reasons). A fully charged mobile phone in case you need to call for mechanical support.

How might I get a better bike/equipment than the one I have?

If you are employed talk to your employer about the cycle to work scheme.

How do I get my bag to Wexford?

There will be a bag drop area at the start area in UCD. Your bags will be transported to the finish line in Wexford.

How do I get back to Dublin?

There will be coaches returning from Wexford throughout the day. All coaches depart from White’s Hotel & return to UCD and are included in your registration fee.

How do I get my bike back to Dublin?

We take it back for you. After you finish the Wexford Cycle we take your bike, load it onto one of our trucks and return it to Dublin for collection on Sunday between 11.00am and 1pm. Collection point is at the Cranford Centre across the Stillorgan Road from the main entrance to UCD.

What about punctures/repairs along the route?

There will be a mechanical support van along the route should you have difficulty. However, it is advised that you have your own puncture repair kit or spare tyres with you.

What about food & drink throughout the day?

Refreshments will be provided at a number of rest stops along the route. There will be drinks, bananas, bars and more provided. There is also an official Lunch stop at Pearse Park, approx. 70km into the route.

There is also a celebration BBQ on arrival at the finish at White’s Hotel. Be sure to sign up and pay for the BBQ when registering.

Where is the Start area in Belfield?

The Start area is at The Pavilion at The Belfield Bowl on the Clonskeagh side of the campus. It will be clearly signposted and stewarded on the morning of the Wexford Cycle. You can enter Belfield via the main entrance on the Stillorgan Road or via the Clonskeagh entrance at AIB on the Clonskeagh Road.

Parking is available in designated areas. Please follow the instruction of the stewards.

Where is the Finish Area?

The finish is located outside Whites of Wexford Hotel on Abbey Street in Wexford Town.

What about showering, changing etc after the Cycle?

Cyclists will have access to the facilities (showers & changing rooms) at the Leisure Centre at White’s Hotel, before the BBQ. We would ask you to consider other hotel guests and government guidelines when using hotel facilities.

What happens after the Cycle?

Every year there is a well-attended rolling BBQ, this is an integral part of the Wexford Cycle every year. The Wexford Cycle is not just about cycling, nor is it just about fundraising, it is about friendship. This year, there will be a fantastic barbecue at the Whites of Wexford Hotel. We would be delighted if you could join us. You can book the BBQ through the Peter McVerry Trust website when registering.

 What time do coaches leave on Saturday?

There will be buses returning to Dublin throughout the day. Coach times will be confirmed in your pre-event email which you will receive in the week before the cycle.

What other sponsorship ideas can you suggest?

Tell people you are doing the Cycle to raise money for Peter McVerry Trust and explain why you’re doing it. Remember – you are doing something that will transform people’s lives. Every donation helps and the appreciation/encouragement is mutual. Any contribution no matter how big or small will make a difference. Get your message out, in person, on social media, by email, by telephone or post – you decide!

Once you have got that message out then your preferred fundraising method is up to you; but here are a few ideas:

  • Does your employer have a matched funding programme? Some companies will match the amount you have raised (or give a percentage) which could double your fundraising.
  • Pizza Party/Wine and Cheese Night/Summer BBQ/Picnic/Games Night/Come Dine With Me; invite friends and instead of them bringing a gift, they make a donation.
  • Bake-off/Cake Sale
  • Quiz
  • Skip the Snacks/Lunch Out, or Sponsored Pledges at work [Ask your colleagues to join you giving up something for a few days, week or a month, in exchange for sponsorship]
  • Swear Jar Week followed by Buzzword Jar Week

Before finishing up on fundraising, a word of caution; someone with independent means might ask you (or us) about the Revenue’s CHY4 Cert; please understand that under Revenue rules we cannot claim tax paid/refunded on a donation from you or a person connected with you if you have received or will receive a benefit from Peter McVerry Trust (such as cycle participation), so this will not count towards your sponsorship.

We are willing to accept entirely separate donations which must be totally separate and unconnected with your Sponsorship/Cycle Fundraising; but to be appropriately tax structured and revenue compliant such donation(s) are not, cannot and will not be considered or treated as part of your sponsorship/fundraising efforts.

What else can I do to help?

  1. Encourage a friend, or group of friends, to join you on the cycle.
  2. Encourage business/work colleagues to join you on the cycle.
  3. Go back to the homepage; sign up to our newsletter or follow us on social media. Like and share our content and raise awareness!


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